*available in 2 models

Law Enforcement Benefits

  • Protect against violent crime and lawsuit liabilities.
  • Non-intrusive, Non-invasive & latex free form of search.
  • Allows for sanitary body cavity search.

Security Applications

Prisons, Jails, Detention Centers,
Customs and Border Patrol Facilities

Loss Prevention Applications

  • Precious metal mines and refineries
  • Coin counting facilities
  • Jewelry and watch manufacturing
  • Computer component manufacturing

Fast, Safe and Effective Screening


The BOSS scanner screening procedure is safe, quick and reliable. The target being screened simply positions his / her chin near the oral sensor and then sits momentarily in the chair. The entire process takes just a few seconds. Magnetic field sensors housed in the seat of the chair and the oral sensor assembly automatically interrogate for the presence of metal. Audio and visual alarms are activated when metal is carried into the magnetic field. An alarm remains activated for the duration that an object is within the low-intensity magnetic field.


General Features

  • Visual and Audio Alarms
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
  • Wheel Kit for Easy Mobility (Included)
  • Hi / Low Master Sensitivity Switch
  • Harmless to Pregnant Women
  • Back-Up Battery Kit (Optional)

Security Features

  • Instantaneous detection of all conductive metals.
  • More consistent detection than security walk-thru or handheld metal detectors.
  • Safe non-intrusive, non-invasive, non-contact search method.


The B.O.S.S. II currently represents the highest model body orifice scanner available with 5 scan zones, which include: oral, anal/vaginal, abdomen, lower legs and feet.




The B.O.S.S. body orifice scanner is currently available in 2 models. The B.O.S.S. II (5-zone) and the B.O.S.S. III (3-zone).



*Pricing shown represents MSRP. Discounts are available for law enforcement, military and federal correctional services (BOP, ICE, etc). Please click here to request a price quotation (RFQ) for your facility.

Made in USA

All B.O.S.S. equipment is proudly made in the USA.

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